RPK was retained in the summer of 2016 to undertake a feasibility study of the Alberta Legislature Annex Building. The study provided a detailed review of several disparate approaches to rehabilitating the existing facility as many of the building’s systems have reached or exceeded their life expectancy, requiring intervention.

The amount of deferred maintenance, together with the prominence of the building on the Legislature grounds required that a multi-disciplinary analysis be completed to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each possible route forward.

As a result of consultation with stakeholders, several options were developed. Each of these approaches to modifying the existing building was examined in terms of cost, technical feasibility, and intrinsic value. The options ranged from total demolition to modernization with re-cladding, to a new build on a green field site.

2016The study provided Alberta Infrastructure with the qualitative, technical, and budgetary information which, in conjunction with leasing and operation costs, could inform a decision on how to best address the aging building.