Since RPK’s inception, our diverse portfolio has been based on a collaborative and inclusive design process. Each project’s success is built on a solid foundation of listening to our client’s programmatic and operational needs — testing and verifying all assumptions — prior to jumping to form and materials. It is during the project’s infancy where a shared philosophical vision is created. This aspirational concept continues to guide our work throughout the life of the project. We never let go of this vision until it becomes a reality. It is this concise concept that leads all project participants, provides clarity and cohesion to the work, and ultimately becomes manifest in built design excellence.

At a finer scale, our design approach relies on the following principles:

Programmatic analysis & organization | We work with clients in identifying and creating synergies, efficiencies and at times, tactful juxtapositions between disparate programs.

Urbanistic & contextual consideration | We believe in building for and within the community, working to accommodate the existing urban fabric, strengthening it to foster local stewardship.

Operational & maintenance reviews | Every project, regardless of scale, is reviewed together with clients to examine everyday workflows, seasonal considerations, and the accommodation of special events or procedures.

Sustainability | We continually strive to ensure that our projects are sustainable in terms of energy usage, materiality, life-cycle analysis, and the method of construction proposed. Ultimately, our expectation is that every opportunity we approach gives back to the community, becoming a resource for future generations.

Comprehensive client communication | Excellent service is only accomplished through excellent communication. We pride ourselves on our responsive and direct nature. Our energetic team’s commitment to our design philosophy is paramount in consistently achieving design excellence. Together with our technical abilities and in house knowledge base, our proven comprehensive project delivery system will continue to serve our clients for years to come.

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Core Values

Our Background

Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects has a proud tradition of creating projects throughout communities in Western Canada and the Territories over the past 50 years. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of scales and types of architecture, with a focus on healthcare, long-term care, socially responsible housing, and institutional projects. Our history tends to give us a long term perspective on the responsibility of contributing to our built environment. We are not just building to meet deadlines; we are designing with the long term vibrancy of our neighborhoods in mind. We are passionate about working with our local communities to create responsive and performative structures that contribute positively to their context.