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Office News

We're Hiring

We’re looking to expand our team! If you’re passionate about working collaboratively to build our communities, checkout the careers section of our website for job postings.  We are currently looking for a junior architectural technologist, an intermediate interior designer, and an intermediate contract administrator.


Co*Lab GLOW Festival

Have you seen the Winter 2021 issue of Edify, featuring RPK’s Co*Lab for the Quaters Arts Society and the GLOW festival? Checkout the site-specific projection mapping and learn more about this project organization.  In the article, Jan Kroman, one of our principles, discussed how the design was generated, creating different immersive spaces like the black-box theatre, the double height art gallery with giant yellow garage-style doors, and the “palate cleansing” all yellow corridor.

Source: Photography by Curtis Trent for Edify

Office News

New Year, Fresh Start!

After five years as White Rabbit Architecture, we’re streamlining our online presence. We look forward to connecting with all our old friends and making new ones via our Twitter and Instagram profiles. Keep an eye out for new images of exciting projects we’ve been involved in. And not to worry – you’ll still be able to catch a glimpse of that elusive white rabbit from time to time!

Office News

Holiday Notice

RPK appreciates your business and wishes your family a happy and healthy holiday season and wonderful New Year!

As 2020 comes to a close, and many businesses work remotely, we want to take this opportunity to share our calendar for the next few weeks. Our staff is working remotely as well as in the office, and we are available by phone or email, and by appointment.



Under Construction

  • Validation within an Integrated Project Delivery framework is underway for a 37-unit affordable seniors’ project in the Lauderdale community.
  • Development permits have been approved for three individual 12 resident permanent supportive housing projects in the Glenwood community.
  • Schematic design is complete for a new 137 resident assisted living building in the Mactaggart neighbourhood
  • Construction has begun on a new 84 resident seniors assisted living building in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Construction documents are nearing completion for a new 120 unit affordable housing project in the Lendrum neighbourhood
  • Construction documents are complete for the new emergency department addition at the Misericordia Hospital in west Edmonton
  • Construction is underway in Hythe, Alberta on a new 75 resident assisted living facility
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Yellow Belt Training

RPK is proud to announce that our entire team became Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certified this year. Starting in the summer of 2019 and finishing in July of 2020, we worked with Red-5, a local certified lean consultant. Weekly classroom sessions along with study materials and challenging homework assignments provided us with new skills to eliminate waste from our workflows. We learned about valuable tools such as Pull Planning, the 5Ses, Kanban Boards, Choosing by Advantages and Eating the Frog. The best part has been applying these attitudes to our office culture and using them in our projects and work to help us stay organized, focused and effective.



Precast Concrete a First for RPK

RPK was recently engaged to design a 6-storey addition to an existing 114 resident 5-storey assisted living building. Points West Living Red Deer, Phase 1 was previously designed by RPK. With the Phase 2 building, we 0were tasked with determining the best structural system for a 150 resident long-term care facility.

Typically, buildings like this use structural steel or poured-in-place concrete. Working closely with the owner and the construction manager, the group felt that precast concrete should be considered as a viable option. After further discussions with the team and meetings with a local precast concrete manufacturer, it was decided that this system would be best from a cost and schedule perspective.

Precast concrete was used not only for the structural system but also for the exterior of the building, providing robust factory-made panels that included the interior and exterior finished along with the insulation, air-vapour barrier and windows. It was amazing to see how quickly the building was erected as all the pieces were craned into position.


Belvedere Grand Opening

A small group of dignitaries, residents and stakeholders recently gathered for the grand opening of a new 42-unit permanent supportive housing project in the Belvedere Neighbourhood. The project’s unique design includes 6 townhouse units, 36 one-and-two-bedroom apartments. The top floor accommodates a common kitchen, multipurpose room, meeting room, and large outdoor deck for all tenants to use for socializing.

The project is a partnership between Right at Home Housing Society and Niginan Housing Ventures. Residents in the new building will have access to in-house support services, including social programs as well as Indigenous and cultural-based supports, such as resident Indigenous elders, 24-hour support staff, and a housing support worker. RPK worked with all stakeholders to provide culturally appropriate interior design that included Indigenous motifs and the ability to hold smudging ceremonies.

Belvedere was featured in the Edmonton Journal.


Top 40 Under 40: Congratulations, Jan!

As some of you may already be aware, our own Jan Kroman was featured in the November issue of Edify (formerly, Avenue Magazine) as one of Edmonton’s Top 40 Under 40. Jan P, Jonathan, and the entire RPK team are extremely proud of this accomplishment and believe it is well-deserved.

The winners were people identified as vital to the community who make Edmonton a better place to live, putting our city on the map. We know Jan epitomizes these qualities and it is great to now share this with the entire city! Jan creates vibrant architecture that not only contributes positively to our built environment but also to our collective sense of well-being and happiness as a city.

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Jan Kroman Named One of Edify's Top 40 Under 40

Congrats! We are happy to celebrate our own Jan Kroman being named one of Edify’s 40 Under 40. Here he is on site at CO*LAB, a project we have recently completed with the Quarters Arts Society. Congratulations to all of the nominees!



Belvedere Featured in the Edmonton Journal

RPK’s affordable housing project in Edmonton’s Belvedere community receives two glowing reviews in the Edmonton Journal.

In Kids Hold the Lease, Rewrite Expectations as New Housing Tackles Trauma of Foster Care, Elise Stolte praises the project for providing housing with a focus on at-risk children.  Children previously in foster care are provided a better support system, being surrounded by elders, and given a chance to thrive while their parents are going through a crisis.

Taking a different angle, Dustin Cook covers Belvedere in New 42-Unit Supportive Housing Complex Opening in Northeast Edmonton as a social housing project, for residents on level on AISH or income support.  It also highlights Mayor Don Iveson’s commitment to housing for homeless Edmontonians.


Corners with Cody Johnston, Jan Kroman, and the AGA

The weekly online design exhibition #250AGA recently featured an interview with Jan Kroman and Cody Johnston from RPK. Each week, Amery Calvelli, Adjunct Curator with the Art Gallery of Alberta, would explore themes extracted from Michael Sorkin’s “250 Things an Architect Should Know.”

Head over to the AGA and scroll down to Week 4 for Cody and Jan’s discussion about corners!



dTalks Event Moderated by Jan Kroman

With many of us remote working during these challenging times, dTalks is staying connected with its audience by releasing recordings of past events on SoundCloud.  Tune in from the comfort of your own home.  We encourage you to checkout this 2016 dTalks exploring how intentions form the way in which our cities are designed and experienced.  Let’s Talk About Intentions was moderated by our principal, Jan Kroman.

Other events will be made available in future and can be found on dTalks’ Event Screenings.

Office News


The world has been turned upside down in the last month and we find ourselves living and working in very different and unusual circumstances. As a firm, RPK is committed to protecting and maintaining the health of our staff, clients, sub-consultants and all the people we normally communicate with on a daily basis.

In mid-March, we moved all our staff off site and set them up to work productively from home. Our days are now filled with our usual workflows but instead of meeting and talking face to face we are texting, emailing, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing to discuss projects both internally and externally. This is our new normal and will remain so until the authorities deem it safe to return to the office.

As part of the RPK community, we want you to know that we are still open for business and working diligently on all our projects. Communicating with RPK is much the same except for the lack of in-person meetings. Feel free to call or email us as you normally would. We have adapted to this new normal and will continue to refine our work and communication as time goes on.

As a firm that values stakeholder input and collaboration, we are working hard to maintain these very important tenets of our firm. While we were using a number of different communication platforms prior to the requirement to stay at home, we are continuing to refine our videoconference, teleconference, and online communication skills.

Our best wishes go out to our clients, sub-consultants, contractors, suppliers, and people living and working in the buildings we have designed. We hope you are safe and healthy and look forward to being able to work together in person in the near future.



How Are We Connecting?

Our role as architects is to collaborate and communicate with clients, sub-consultants and contractors, typically acting as a communication hub for the entire design team.

Here is what we are doing to keep in touch with all our project stakeholders.

  • Internal daily check-ins with project teams
  • Weekly management teleconferences
  • Utilizing online platforms such as Yammer and Microsoft Teams to communicate both internally and externally
  • Utilizing online web meeting platforms such as UberConference and Zoom
  • Using cloud-based BIM 360 to create and collaborate on building design and coordination
  • Using our Lean training to refine our workflows and project communication. Many hours have been spent as a team over the last 8 months understanding Lean thinking and learning about
  • Lean tools. Topics such as Kanban Boards, Pull Planning, Choosing by Advantage, and Target Value Design have been incorporated into our project management processes and workflow.
  • Participating in teleconferences regarding the current state of the architectural, engineering and construction industry.


What Does the Future Have in Store for Design?

As architects, we are always thinking about how design can make people safer, happier, and healthier. The immediate and long-term effects of the current pandemic and social distancing will likely lead to many changes to the way we live and work in the coming years.

We thought it would be interesting to look into the future and think about how design and the built environment may be altered to prevent or minimize the spread of a future virus. These might just be good design ideas, regardless.

  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), something RPK has a lot of experience with, will be front of mind for all new projects. Materials that are easy to clean or anti-microbial will be used in a greater number of building types;
  • Hand cleaning will become integral to entering a public building. Hand washing/ sanitizing stations at public buildings will encourage regular use and good hygiene;
  • Limiting the need to touch bathroom surfaces by using touchless toilets, soap dispensers, hand drying, and faucets in all public washrooms;
  • Greater use of automatic interior and exterior doors to eliminate touching door handles;
  • Eliminating doors into public bathrooms by using jogs in order to maintain visual privacy without having to touch a door;
  • Seniors’ facilities could see the integration of a specialized visitor’s room where guests can meet residents but be separated by glass and using an intercom system to speak;
  • Waiting areas could be eliminated, requiring people to arrive at their appointments at the time they are scheduled;
  • As more people choose videoconferencing over face-to-face meetings, there will be a need for more enclosed single user videoconferencing rooms within an office;
  • Reduced need for office space as more people choose to work from home;
  • Increased workspaces in order to provide proper social distancing;
  • Design of personal environments to facilitate clients wanting to work from home;
  • Greater requirements for building mechanical systems, increasing air flow and filtration;
  • Greater thought will be applied to how housekeeping is performed in all buildings. Users may be encouraged to wipe surfaces themselves with disposable wipes. More space may be required for easy access to the housekeeping supplies and equipment.



What Are We Currently Up To?
  • Concept design work is complete for a new 38 resident seniors’ infill project in Edmonton’s Lauderdale neighbourhood;
  • Design work is proceeding on a prefabricated prototypical and relocatable garden suite for both urban and rural settings;
  • We are gearing up to submit development permits for three 12 suite permanent supportive housing buildings in the Glenwood neighbourhood;
  • Design work has begun on a new 75 resident Supportive Living facility in Hythe, AB;
  • Demolition has begun and construction documents are well underway for a new emergency department at the Misericordia Hospital in west Edmonton;
  • Construction documents are well underway for a six storey wood frame affordable housing building in the Lendrum neighbourhood for Capital Region Housing;
  • A report to the City of Edmonton was just completed looking at winterizing solutions for multiple LRT stations.


Office News

Jan & Patti Named Fellows of the RAIC

Jan Pierzchajlo and Patricia Swanson have been named to the RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) College of Fellows for 2020.

Fellowships are bestowed on RAIC members in recognition of outstanding achievement. Criterias include design excellence, exceptional scholarly contribution, or distinguished service to the profession or the community. Congrats to Patti & Jan – your leadership in the community, practice, and our profession is an inspiration to all of us Congratulations to all the other new Fellows in Alberta and across the whole country!!


RPK Publishes 50 Year Compendium

Our office recently turned 50 and we decided to celebrate this half century of architecture and design by assembling a book with a collection of drawings, sketches, renderings and models.

Here’s a quick blast from the past! Now available for download (65.6 mb).

A big thanks to Rob, Jan K, and Linda for putting together a wonderful hard copy and electronic book!

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RPK is Proud to Support the 2019 Edmonton Design Week

Unrealized is an exhibit by MADE (Media Architecture Design Edmonton) curating a selection of unbuilt architecture projects in Edmonton.

The exhibition is located in City Centre Mall (West) and runs until October 25th, during mall hours, except on Sundays, when it is closed. It is free to the public, and donations are welcome. Proceeds go to support MADE.

Kudos to Cody, Ankit, and Caitlyn from our office for helping to design and build the exhibit!

More information on the exhibit can be found on the following sites:
Edmonton Journal
CBC News


Under Construction

  • The development permit has been approved for a 150 resident long-term and dementia care assisted living addition to the Points West Living building in Red Deer.
  • Concept design work is underway for a large row housing project in the Lauderdale community of Edmonton
  • Detailed design is nearing completion for a new emergency department at the Misericordia Hospital in west Edmonton



  • Construction is nearing completion on a complex series of renovations to 6 different City of Edmonton bus barns
  • Construction is nearing completion for two arts related renovation projects in the Quarters area of Edmonton
  • Rezoning approval for the renewal of a mixed use project along Jasper Avenue was recently granted by the City
  • RPK just went through its own renovation including new paint, carpet and workstations
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Lendrum Affordable Housing Taking Shape

We have been working steadily over the last few months on the design of a new affordable housing project for Capital Region Housing in the Lendrum area of Edmonton.

The project will provide a wide range of much needed affordable housing, ranging from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom townhouses. A unique feature of the project is the central courtyard, which is not only a focal point of the project but also a public walkway for the community to use in order to get to and from the LRT station at Foote Field.  We had a lot of fun working on the planning and design, and that playfulness comes through in the renderings.


Office News

President Pierzchajlo

RPK is very proud to share the news that this past spring, Jan Pierzchajlo took over as President of the Alberta Association of Architects.  The AAA represents the interests of the profession by engaging with government, industry, and the public on topics such as construction safety, urban renewal, and the environment. Jan has held numerous volunteer positions with the AAA over the last three decades, culminating in this role of representing our profession in Alberta. Although his term is limited to one year, we are sure he will make a lasting mark.


Sakaw Terrace Grand Opening

Earlier this year we proudly attended the Grand Opening of Sakaw Terrace. It was all hands on deck with a large crowd of residents, visitors, dignitaries and people involved in the design and construction of the building.  This new seniors’ independent living building is a unique mixture of lodge suites, and affordable and subsidized apartments.  It was built on a City of Edmonton surplus school site and includes 158 suites, along with a commercial kitchen, dining room, greenhouse, theatre room, multi-faith room, and exercise room among the amenities. It was also a project that used Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for design and construction.

We are deeply honoured to have been the architects for this project, and wish GEF Seniors Housing and their residents many years of enjoyment and good health in this beautiful building.


Office News

RPK Video Launched

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we put together a video capturing the history & spirit of our firm.

The video touches on our philosophy of design, our approach to creating architecture, and the legacy we want to leave. Jan, Jonathan, and Jan all make special appearances and do their best in front of the camera. The video also captures various RPK projects, both new and old.  We hope you will check it out.  Enjoy!

Office News

Celebrating 50 YRS: Working with Habitat for Humanities

As we reported in our spring newsletter, RPK turned 50 this year and we have marked this auspicious occasion with a number of activities and events throughout this busy year.  A few highlights include an article on RPK in the June issue of the Edmonton Business magazine, creating a video, publishing a commemorative book (let us know if you would like a copy), and having our office spend a day working with Habitat for Humanity.

We are so proud to have been a part of the Edmonton architectural and business community for the past 50 years and hope to help weave the fabric of the city and province for many years to come. It’s been a great year so far and we hope you have enjoyed the updates.
Office News

Celebrating 50 Years

As many of you may already know, we are celebrating 50 this year.
In order to mark this incredible landmark, we have coordinated a number of undertakings and events throughout the year.  Below are some of the things we have planned to mark this momentous occasion:
  • Creating a 50th year logo
  • Sponsoring and serving a meal at Operation Friendship Seniors Society
  • Celebrating Easter with custom made rabbit chocolates
  • Producing a commemorative book on our body of work
  • Sponsoring GEF Seniors Housing’s Building for Life Breakfast Fundraiser
  • Capital Region Housing Hackers Fore Housing Event, including sponsoring a hole with our Chip City skill contest
  • Covenant Health’s Everyone’s a Winner Golf Event, including sponsoring a hole with our Chip City skill contest
  • Habitat for Housing Adopt-a-Day
  • Updating our History Wall (you can check it out the next time you visit us)
  • Edmonton Business Magazine feature article
  • Creating a video to capture the spirit of RPK
Look for further updates as the year goes on and join us in our celebration!

Under Construction

  • The design development phase is nearing completion for a 120-unit affordable apartment building in the community of Lendrum for Capital Region Housing
  • Beginning schematic design work for a 150-unit long-term care and assisted living addition to the Points West Living building in Red Deer
  • Design development work is nearing completion for a new emergency department at the Misericordia Hospital in west Edmonton



  • Construction is progressing on a complex series of renovations to 6 different City of Edmonton bus barns
  • Construction documents are almost done on an 84-unit seniors’ facility in Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Construction is underway for two renovation projects in the Quarters area of Edmonton
  • Construction is done and residents will soon be moving into the 122-unit Points West Living building in Cochrane
  • Shortlisted for design-build health centre in Tulita, NWT

RPK Celebrates 50 YRS of Business in Edmonton

Have you seen the June publication of the Business in Edmonton magazine? There’s a 6 page spread on RPK! We turn 50 this year.  Featured promptly in the article are our current partners, Jan Pierzchajlo, Jonathan Rockliff, and Jan Kroman.  Curious about the origin of our company and where we’re headed? Find out more by grabbing a copy of the article.



S.A.M. in the Canadian Architect Magazine

The Canadian Architect picked up on the City of Edmonton’s announcement of the winners of the 2019 Missing Middle Infill Design Competition.  RPK earned an Honourable Mention for Spruce Avenue Mews (S.A.M.) and our project was featured on the magazine’s website.

Office News

Updating Our Core Values

Every year Jan, Jonathan and Jan (often referred to as The Three Js) review our Vision, Mission, and Core Values. This year we decided to further emphasize our sustained commitment to being ecologically responsible and striving for design excellence. Our updated core values guide us in everything we do.



S.A.M. Awarded Honourable Mention

We are very proud to share that our submission to the City of Edmonton’s Missing Middle design competition was awarded an honourable mention! See page 19 and 20 of the Infill Design Award Booklet from the reception for our project.

For the submission, we partnered with Primavera Development Group Inc., McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., and Synergy Projects Ltd. The City solicited proposals from multidisciplinary teams of architects and builders/ developers from across Canada and abroad to design a mid-density, multi-unit housing development on 5 city owned lots. This type of medium-scale housing, which falls between single family homes and highrises, is commonly referred to as the ‘missing middle’ because it has been largely absent from Edmonton’s urban streetscapes.

The challenge was to submit an innovative design that was not only thoughtful of neighbourhood context, but also economically feasible, responsive to local market conditions and advancing the level of design for infill in Edmonton. The jury commented that “this submission presents a rational plan with thoughtful consideration of outdoor amenity spaces which provides interactivity between the public and private realm.”



Shortlisted for Two Awards

We were so honoured to have been shortlisted for two different architectural awards in the last months.


The ROOPH Awards (Recognizing Outstanding Organizations and People in Housing) celebrates individuals, organizations, and businesses that work to address affordable housing and homelessness initiatives in our city, whether paid or in a volunteer role. Our Sakaw Terrace project, an affordable housing apartment building for seniors, was shortlisted for an excellence in architecture award.

Our other nomination was for the CISC (Canadian Institute of Steel Construction) Collaboration award. Again, we submitted the Sakaw Terrace project which utilized Integrated Project Delivery to deliver the project. This contractual format created a cohesive construction team that worked very closely and collaboratively to deliver the project under budget and ahead of schedule.


Office News

Yukon News Announces Seniors Development in Whitehorse

RPK is working with a development group on a new seniors complex in Whitehorse.  The plan is for a mix of studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units, along with a gym and salon.  Construction will begin this year.  See Stephanie Waddell’s article in the Yukon News for more information on what’s coming!

Source: Google Maps screen grab


Ociciwan Appears in the Avenue Magazine

A recent article in the Avenue Magazine highlighted one of our projects and quoted RPK principal, Jan Kroman.

The Ociciwan Contemporary Art Centre, being developed by the City of Edmonton, will be a permanent home for modern Indigenous art as well as a community and gathering place. The article highlights the efforts RPK put forward to meet the functional, cultural and artistic requirements of the project stakeholders.

A key component of the design is the outward expression of the building which was purposefully done to stand out and make a statement about the Ociciwan group. Variously shaped reflective panels create a dynamic and always changing façade, reflecting the light and movement in the up and coming Quarters neighbourhood.


Vote for RPK's Entry in the Missing Middle Competition

RPK and Primavera Development are proud to share our entry in the City of Edmonton’s Missing Middle Infill Design Competition.  Voting for the People’s Choice Award is now open! Cast your vote between now and May 3rd!

Missing Middle Infill Design Competition


RPK's PWL Cochrane Featured in the Award Magazine

Have you seen the latest issue of the Award? RPK’s seniors’ housing project in Cochrane appears on page 75 of the April 2019 issue.  We are delighted to see our latest project for Points West Living featured prominently in the industry-recognized magazine.


Office News

Celebrating 50 YRS: RPK + OFSS

This past Monday, staff at Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects took a break from designing to serve lunch to Edmonton’s inner city seniors.  We partnered with Operation Friendship Seniors Society, which also turns 50 this very year! The “Double 5-0s” really went all out with a roast beef lunch with mashed potatoes, gravy and dessert.
Thank You, Edmonton! And here’s to another 50 years. Cheers!
Office News

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

All the best to you and your family this holiday season!


Under Construction

  • Schematic design is nearing completion on the new Misericordia Hospital Emergency Department
  • Sakaw Terrace, a new seniors affordable housing project developed by GEF Seniors Housing in the Edmonton community of Millwoods, is now complete and accepting new residents
  • Foundations are being poured for a new affordable housing project in the Belvedere neighbourhood of Edmonton



  • Design development is complete for two City of Edmonton arts related renovation projects in the Quarters District
  • A study for future improvements to Hawrelak Park is well underway
  • Demolition and renovation work is gearing up for the Dr. Cooke Extended Care Centre in Lloydminster
  • Design work is nearing completion on a twelve suite group home project for Jasper Place Wellness Centre in West Edmonton

Glenwood Housing Project Featured in the Journal

RPK’s supportive housing project for Redemptive Developments was recently featured in the Edmonton Journal.  Situated in the Glenwood community, these 3 storey buildings consist of a shared kitchen and living room on the main floor, and 6 units on each upper floor.  Currently, 3 such buildings are planned.  The intention is to replicate the concept near transit and LRT throughout Edmonton.


Grand Opening of Lac La Biche Project

While this brand new building began accepting residents back in June, it was time to celebrate and officially open the building with a grand opening on September 27th.  RPK was on hand along with current residents, families, staff, and dignitaries to cut the ribbon and enjoy speeches, food, and tour the building.

The new building consists of 40 Designated Assisted Living and 9 Independent Supportive Living suites along with common areas and support spaces. The design of the building supports the Eden Alternative model of care which promotes maximum independence, choice and dignity for each resident and encourages the involvement of family, neighbours, and friends.

Congratulations, Points West Living, we are so proud of this project!


Office News

The White Rabbit Makes a Special Appearance

On a chilly fall evening, we unveiled a giant illuminated rabbit to commemorate our beloved mascot! Edmonton’s Nuit Blanche, a free all-night arts festival that featured performance, video, and interactive art sprung us into action.
RPK’s entry was initially inspired by origami and evolved into a faceted form of mostly triangular planes. Using smaller scaled paper models to practice, we were able to better understand how to assemble the rabbit at full scale.  Made from 22 sheets of off the shelf white coroplast together with internal LED lighting, RPK constructed the 3.5 m tall art piece over the course of two weeks.
While it looked striking poised for action at ATB Plaza along MacDonald Drive, we likely also turned a few heads as we transported the rabbit on a trailer along Jasper Avenue.
Be sure to look for future appearances of the RPK giant white rabbit!

RPK Wins CAA Business Award

We were very excited and honoured to learn we won the Consulting Architects of Alberta 2018 Business Award.  The program recognizes business-orientated initiatives in architecture across Alberta, highlighting creativity and innovation in the practice of architecture.
RPK’s submission included a number of new initiatives in our office; providing greater efficiency in producing and coordinating our design work.  Some of these systems include a Lean Process Working Group, Kanban Boards, Yammer and SharePoint (online communication platforms) and Plus/ Delta meetings.
If you have any questions about our Lean processes or tools, please feel free to give us a call.

Under Construction

  • A modern and sustainably designed home in Old Strathcona is taking shape with exterior finishes about to get started
  • Sakaw Terrace, a new seniors affordable housing project developed by GEF Seniors Housing is more than halfway through construction and due to be complete this fall
  • RPK is working with two Edmonton based not-for-profit affordable housing organizations to develop design and facility standards for their upcoming projects



  • Working drawings are in progress for a new affordable housing project in the Belvedere neighbourhood of Edmonton with construction due to start this summer
  • Construction for three seniors’ supportive living projects in Lac La Biche, Wetaskiwin and Cochrane are nearing completion with residents moving in at various points over the remainder of 2018
  • Schematic design is nearing completion for the redevelopment of the Coliseum LRT station


Office News

Two for the Quarters

RPK is excited to enter the Schematic Design phase for two buildings in the Quarters District of Edmonton.   Together with select potential tenants and the City of Edmonton, scenarios are being developed to determine the best revitalization of two fairly low profile buildings.

Prior to Schematic Design, RPK oversaw the review of existing condition reports, the creation of measured drawings, and the provision of preliminary costing for the base level of required work. We look forward to contributing to this historic Edmonton neighbourhood.

Office News

Virtual Reality As Design Tool

Since late 2017, RPK has been using Virtual Reality (VR) images and animations to assist clients with better understanding the look and feel of their projects. A major advantage of utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to develop the design drawings is that we are able to translate the 3D technical model into a 3D virtual reality model through the use of Enscape software.

The VR model can be viewed on a computer or in true 3D using special VR goggles and a smartphone. It greatly enhances the ability for all stakeholders to better understand the functional and spatial layouts and the architecture of the building, leading to more meaningful and detailed feedback on the design.

Take a VR Tour Using Your Phone

Interior and exterior tours are available! After downloading a QR Code reader to your phone, you will be able to scan or snap a picture of the barcodes above. Your app will either automatically open a browser window and direct you to the tour; or offer you buttons to copy the link to a browser or open a browser window.

Office News

RPK Wins Quality Based Selection RFP

Last November, RPK was selected by Alberta Infrastructure for the Misericordia Emergency Department Redevelopment.  What made this RFP notable was that it used a Quality Based Selection (QBS) model to choose a prime consultant. QBS is a procurement method that excludes fee as part of the selection process.  A team is selected entirely based on their skills and expertise.  QBS has demonstrated that owners get better outcomes and greater value by excluding price as an evaluation criterion.  In other words, firms are selected based on pure qualifications to do a project, instead of their low bid.

RPK was honoured to be selected for this project and looks forward to completing the design work and seeing it through construction.  Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting project!

Office News

RPK Associate on Safety Code Council

We are very proud to share with everyone that one of our associates, Karen Muir – Architect AAA, was recently appointed to the Alberta Safety Codes Council, a statutory corporation that formulates and oversees the development and administration of safety codes and standards throughout the province.
The Safety Codes Council is responsible to the Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs and works under authority of the Safety Codes Act.  It is divided into 10 sub councils of focused topics.  Karen sits on the barrier-free sub council.  Barrier-free design is a topic RPK is very passionate about given our ongoing work with and commitment to seniors’ housing.  It is great to see one of our own providing valuable insights to the province and positively influencing the safety and inclusivity of the buildings in our province.
Way to go, Karen!
Office News

Jan Pierzchajlo Interviewed on the Walterdale Bridge

“The High Level is maybe one of the most masculine structures you can find in Edmonton and the Walterdale might be one of the most feminine structures you can find in Edmonton — just its beautiful curve. I love this (new) bridge. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.”

The Edmonton Journal interviewed Jan Pierzchajlo, one of the Principals at RPK, as part of their article on the new Walterdale Bridge.  We just love this shot of Jan standing against the backdrop of the Walterdale!

Source: Edmonton Journal; Photography by Amber Bracken

Office News

Karen Interviewed by ShawContract for #TalkingwithArchitects

Shaw Contract Edmonton recently featured Karen Muir on their March edition of #TalkingwithArchitects.  We took a few screenshots of our favorites and made a slideshow for this post! Love your smile, Karen! The full interview consists of 9 Instagram posts:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9



Under Construction

  • RPK partnered with the UofA on an extensive dementia design study to be completed over the coming months
  • RPK started design work on the interior and exterior overhaul of a 14 storey apartment building in Edmonton
  • Tender documents are complete and construction has begun on numerous interior improvements to 10 Edmonton LRT stations, 2 tunnels and 13 bus stations



  • A building condition report was recently completed as a pre-purchase condition for an affordable housing provider
  • High resolution renderings of a new heritage bridge replacement near Wayne, Alberta are now done
  • RPK was excited to tour the Honourable Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing, around the construction of Sakaw Terrace


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Checkout RPK's New Website

After much effort, we are proud to announce that our totally revamped website is up and running. The content is similar to our previous website; however, we now have a much improved graphic interface, enhanced written content, and the ability to view on smartphones and tablets.


Things Are Shaping Up in Wetaskiwin

A recent aerial photo does a great job showcasing the progress of the new Points West Living supportive living project in Wetaskiwin.  This 75 unit assisted living project is well underway and set to open in January of 2018.

The project is built of noncombustible construction using prefabricated load bearing steel studs providing a very quick erection time for the exterior walls, floors, and roof. We are very excited to see this project nearing completion as it is a much needed resource for the seniors of Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas.

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100in1 Day: Bus Shelter Makeover

Building on last year’s YEG Beach success (our very own precursor to the now famous Accidental Beach), RPK together with Urban Systems undertook some tactical urbanism to celebrate Edmonton’s 100in1 Day.  The “Bus Stop Beauty” intervention enlivened and re-envisioned a typical bus stop in our downtown core.

Flowers, solar powered lights, and even sod complimented the existing infrastructure, while users and passersby were asked to join in the conversation and tell us what they love about Edmonton. Big thanks goes out to RPK’s Linda and Urban Systems’ Jing Jing for organizing.

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RPK Has a New Associate

Jan, Jonathan and Jan are very pleased to announce that RPK has a new Associate. After more than 10 years at RPK, Jeff Nelson has been promoted to Associate as of August 1st.

Jeff brings many skills to our firm, including heading up RPK’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) department, providing leadership with respect to LEED, supporting our IT needs, and spearheading the development of construction documents and construction administration.

Jeff has a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba, which helps to provide him with an ability to marry together good design with smart technical solutions. We are excited to have Jeff join us as an Associate and look forward to many years of leadership and ongoing collaboration at RPK!

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Jonathan Rockliff - Best of Edmonton

Jonathan received a first runner up as Vue Weekly’s “Best Local Architect,” in the issue published for September 21 to 27, 2017.  This award is based on ballots submitted for their yearly best of Edmonton contest.  Congratulations Jonathan!

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RPK Commits Some Tactical Urbanism

“If you’re a public space aficionado or transportation maven, one only needs to sign on to one of the various social media feeds to see the daily movement that is sweeping across the world: groups of people are literally taking back their streets by implementing low-cost, temporary solutions to what they see as simple ways of making their streets safer or more livable.”

This year, RPK once again participated in some Tactical Urbanism with the 100in1 Day global festival. Partnered with Urban Systems, the team transformed a regular downtown Edmonton bus shelter as part of an effort to improve public space in the city. Our installation was included in a short film by Streetfilms on Tactical Urbanism (around the 3:50 mark).


Under Construction

  • Construction has recently started for a new 49 resident supportive living project in Lac La Biche
  • Construction work is well underway for a 158 unit affordable seniors housing project in the Millwoods community
  • Design work is nearing completion for a new infill house and garage suite in Old Strathcona



  • RPK will be assisting with two design studies, one for seniors housing in the Peace Country and the other for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Edmonton.
  • Edmonton Design Committee approval was recently received for a seniors friendly condominium project near Kingsway Avenue
  • RPK was recently shortlisted for various Fire Hall and LRT projects with the City of Edmonton.

IPD and CHP Sets a New Standard for Affordable Housing

With Sakaw Terrace, our client, GEF Seniors Housing, not only tried a new collaborative technique to building design called Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), they also welcomed the idea of Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

With IPD, 10 partners and the owner entered into a single contract and shared in the risk and reward.  Through collaboration, this model allowed for the sharing of expertise and encouraged everyone to optimize the design, reduce waste, and find efficiencies.  CHP was one of the ideas that resulted from IPD.  It enables the foundation to save money while providing electricity, heat, and domestic hot water to the suites.  It also reduces carbon emissions by 530 tonnes annually.

For more information on the innovations of CHP, refer to the full article on GEF’s website.


Jan Kroman Interviewed for G&M's "A Call for Creativity"

“We got to thinking about how we might hide a garden suite in plain sight. So we thought ‘Okay, let’s stuff it under the carpet.’” – Jan Kroman, Principal, RPK

Edmonton’s inaugural infill-design competition last month inspired a variety of creative entries – and some could become a reality. RPK won Merit at the Edmonton Infill Design Competition for the design Backyard Pingo and Jan Kroman was interviewed for the Globe and Mail article, A Call for Creativity.


Mill Woods Affordable Seniors Housing Set to Open in 2018

Construction has started at Millwoods Road and 58 Street, site of a new affordable seniors housing complex.

The building will have 150 suites, a commercial kitchen, two courtyards, a communal greenhouse, a salon, and a theatre room.  Slav Kornik from Global News has more.


The Alberta Government Ponders the Annex Building's Future

To redevelop or demolish the Annex? That is the question.  The Province hired RPK to complete a feasibility study on the building, and we will be delivering it later in the year.  Further reporting coverage on the future of the Annex is provided by Emma Graney with the Edmonton Journal.

Source: Greg Southam for Postmedia


RPK Featured in the November Issue of Business in Edmonton

If you happened to get a copy of this month’s Business in Edmonton Magazine, on page 55 is an article called Edmonton’s Changing Face: Our Structures are Changing from the Inside Out. The article talks about local issues facing many Edmontonians, such as the changing needs of seniors housing, energy efficiency in our buildings and changes to how building projects are delivered.

It features many images of past, present and future projects designed by RPK in Edmonton and also quotes from Jan Kroman talking about project collaboration (Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery), sustainability, and community.


RPK Wins City Design Award

The City of Edmonton hosted an international design competition to generate debate, discussion, and design ideas around infill housing in the City. There were four categories: garage/ garden suites, attached housing, single detached house, and an open category. RPK decided to enter the garage suite category with a new take on a backyard development by raising the earth up to provide added separation between the suite and the adjacent home.

The competition was intended to provide the design community with an opportunity to address the issues of infill housing and showcase design innovation and best practices to improve the quality of infill developments city-wide. Our design, called Backyard Pingo after a mound of earth-covered ice found in the Arctic, received an Award of Merit.

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New Name, New Logo

Our new company name is Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects Ltd. (RPK for short). Along with a new name came the need for a new logo.

We were looking for something fresh and reflective of our principles and corporate philosophy. As you can imagine, with three architects, it took a little extra time to reach a design we were all happy with. After many iterations, we are more than pleased with the simplicity and sophistication of the logo we believe captures our approach to architecture and corporate culture.  It was not intentional, but if you look closely, you might even be able to spot three Js.

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RPAP is Now RPK Architects

Exciting News! Jonathan Rockliff and Jan Pierzchajlo are pleased to announce that Jan Kroman has joined our partnership team.  After 47 years of successful business operations in Western Canada, we will be changing our name to Rockliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects Ltd. to reflect our new corporate structure.

Jan Kroman brings with him a breadth of international experience, both in practice and academia. His addition to the firm strengthens our focus on delivering projects that best respond to our client’s needs, building vibrant neighbourhoods and creating great communities.


A Daycare Brings Joy and Laughter to Seniors

Ottewell Terrace is a different kind of seniors’ housing.  The sound of children’s laughter drifts through the building, and the old people here are in a better mood.  GEF and our firm are proud of what we have achieved: a home that brings the community together, and strengthens the neighborhood.

More coverage on Ottewell Terrace is provided by Elise Stolte of the Edmonton Journal.