Opened in 2011, the Courage in Motion (CIM) Centre is a highly specialized teaching and patient environment and the first of its kind in Western Canada.  It is home to a brand new technology known as CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment), a versatile, multi-sensory system for clinical analysis, rehabilitation, evaluation, and registration of the human balance system.  The system is intended to help restore mobility to wounded military personnel and a wide variety of other patients.

The renovated space was designed to accommodate a large virtual reality system with a curved screen, large hydraulic treadmill, and harness system. An array of sensors allows researchers, physicians, and technicians to study the bio-mechanics of how patients are moving and reacting to changing environmental conditions, tailoring rehabilitation programs specifically for their needs. The facility allows patients to regain confidence in their mobility while making recovery fun.

Our job was to ensure proper architectural, mechanical and electrical coordination for this very specific and technical piece of equipment. The new space used a raised floor to provide for future flexibility as the equipment and technology changes, evolves, or requires repairs. Adjacent patient, teaching, and technical spaces were included in the design.

The project was a strategic partnership between the Government of Canada (Department of National Defence), the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, and the Glenrose Foundation.