Intera 1 is a three-storey, ten-unit apartment building in the Boyle Street neighbourhood. Developed in response to the growing need for quality affordable housing in Edmonton, it is geared towards employed persons who face challenges in finding suitable housing within their means. This project provides safe, secure, and accessible one bedroom units; and additionally, two suites are designed to be barrier-free.

Located at 104th Avenue and 95th Street, Intera 1 contributes to the continuity of the streetscape and growth of the neighbourhood by infilling a vacant lot. The facade along 104th Street provides south facing balconies and patios for 5 units and encourages residents to take advantage of tree-lined street views and outdoor spaces.

Generous glazing along the south (street facing) and north (parking/ lane) facades provide a visual connection to the neighbourhood as well as increased “eyes on the street.”