Located on a green field site at 5001 Inglewood Drive, PWL Wetaskiwin (Phase 1) consists of two connected buildings: an 82 unit care building attached to a 70 unit apartment.  The intent is to complete the design work of the care building in advance of the apartment building, while taking into consideration the future building’s functional and utility needs.

With a construction budget of $16.3 million, the 3-storey care building includes 82 assisted living residences along with the necessary support spaces on the main and upper floors.  It is Group B2 major occupancy, non-combustible, and sprinklered.  Site design includes drive aisles, parking, back-up generator, and general hard and soft landscaping.  Furthermore, Combined Heat Power (CHP) is incorporated in the new building and sized for the future building.  To complete the vision of the project, we also designed and coordinated a new municipal access road to connect PWL Wetaskiwin with the community.