Comprised of an inviting mix of whitewashed bricks and vividly coloured yellow accents, the Quarters Arts Society Building located at 9641 – 102A Avenue is bright and cheery. One can’t help but notice it. RPK was tasked with revitalizing the 1959 building, creating a home for Co*Lab while simultaneously encouraging pedestrian interaction. Eye-catching yellow garage doors strategically inserted into the façade bring more light into the facility and activate the streetscape. At night, the building continues to dazzle: LED strips diffused by polycarbonate paneling gives the building a warm glow; and the white façade transforms into a canvas for digital and visual art projections.

The design has been carefully considered to make it friendly and accessible for workshops, studios, special events, gallery exhibitions, and live performances. By bringing community spaces and the gallery to the street front, we encourage activity, interaction with pedestrians, and natural surveillance. The design encourages growth and development in the Quarters through its cheerful presence.